Visit Peru as a VIP with World Famous Author, Speaker and Spiritual Leader Jorge Luis Delgado of Ancient Aliens Fame. Jorge will lead us through the amazing landscapes and Temple sites of the Inca people while sharing his wisdom and leading us in ceremony at many of the magical sites along the way. 


Total for the 14 Day Life Changing Expereince


Price Includes: Everything mentioned in the program, accommodation at 3 & 4 star hotels, daily buffet breakfast, Welcome dinner and 4 Dinners. One Transfer IN / OUT for arrival and departure day in Cusco and your airport departure transfer, private transportation during the tour by bus. Round trip train to Machu Picchu (Inka Rail), entrance fees to Machu Picchu for two days plus the bus up/down respectively, one day Mandor falls, other entrance fees to other archaeological sites, Jorge as the guide throughout, contact with other shaman such as the Q’eros, ceremonies.


Price Does not Include: Anything not mentioned in the program, extra Transfer IN/OUT, meals which are not specified, flight tickets (domestic not international), departure airport taxes, travel insurance, personal items, tips, extras.


Day 1: Travel to Lima, overnight at the Ramada airport hotel.

Day 2: Cusco 

CUSCO: You will love this warm, welcoming colonial city in the Andes with its friendly people and interesting shops, cafes, restaurants and sites.

Day 3: Tipon and the Sacred Cusco Alters
AM: Tipon tour
PM: Sacred Cusco Altars: Kusilluchayoc, Temple of the Moon, Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Puka Pucara


MACHU PICCHU: In the early morning we board our train to Machu Picchu and enjoy breathtaking views of the lush Urubamba Valley. Machu Picchu, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and the Sacred Crystal City waits. The total meaning and the varied uses of Machu Picchu are still unknown: Why was it built? What purposed did it serve? Who lived there? When and why did they depart?


DAY 05:
Return to Machu Picchu for a sunrise ceremony and hike to the Sun's gate!


DAY 06: Mandor Falls
Hiking in the Machu Picchu sanctuary! Mandor Waterfalls is the astounding scenery at ground level. From town we’ll walk along the road and pick up the railroad tracks which follow the river. From here we view the steep mountain cliffs all around, jutting straight into the sky far above.


The children attending these high mountain schools love to come to school and are eager to make something of their lives. School attendance approaches 100 percent, diminished only when snow blocks the long walk over mountains from home or parents are sick or need help with animals or crops.



We travel to Pisac this morning, a charming Andean Village. The Pisac ruins are located high above the village and are a fine example of ancient stonework. The name derives from “pisaca,” meaning partridge, and this ancient city appears to have been laid out to resemble a bird with the terraced fields forming the wings.

DAY 9 : Chinchero and the Moray Circles

A gentle site offering sacred caves, waterfalls, giant rocks and much to explore and relax into. Here we connect with Pachamama (mother earth) and explore the many features of the site. We find our own places of alignment. Here we discover caves, waterfalls, rolling hills and temples of the past.

MORAY: Step into the ancient/future. Today we'll visit Moray, a site that resembles a sunken amphitheater with circular terraces carved deep into the earth. This ancient earth sculpture offers a unique and powerful earth connection.
We complete our journey of the Sacred Valley this morning. We stop for our final ceremony at Tumibamba. An archaeological site and ceremonial center in the shape of a knife (tumi knife). Most of the site is underground (it was covered by Inkas to avoid it's destruction.) According to Jorge, Tumibamba is connected to the Heart Chakra and our closing ceremony here will integrate your journey on a cellular level in a very profound way.


RAQCHI (Temple of Wiracocha): An Inca temple of monumental dimensions. The temple is divided in two naves and each nave of 11 giant columns. Prior to its destruction by the Spaniards, the temple had what is believed to be the largest single roof in the Incan Empire, having its peak at the central wall, then stretching over the columns and some 25 meters (82 ft) beyond on each side. The site has many structures to explore.
SICUANI: In this town we enjoy a typical Andean meal served buffet style.
LA RAYA: Midway on our journey to Puno we stop at high point of LaRaya to view the landscapes. We can see the Altiplano (arid and dry plains) uniting with the Quechua Zone – rivers and valley.
PUKARA: The most important and oldest ceremonial left of the Altiplano and the origins of the Andean Culture. Arrive in Puno at 5PM and check into our hotel. Relax…it’s been a long day and we have gone up in altitude. Tonight and tomorrow are times for taking it really slow and relaxing.


Day 12: Uros Islands and Taquile  
UROS ISLANDS: A boat takes us out on the lake for our morning journey to the Uros Islands. The unique Uros people predate the Inca and live on forty-two self-fashioned floating islands in Lake Titicaca. The Uros use bundles of dried totora reeds to construct reed boats and to make the actual floating islands. Most of the Uros people have moved to the mainland but a few hundred still live on and maintain the islands

Day 13: Amaru Meru Doorway 
AMARU MERU DOORWAY: Early this morning we travel along the edge of Lake Titicaca to the Amaru Doorway. This is one of the highlights of our journey to Peru. In the book, Andean Awakening, Jorge Luis claims discovery of this portal. Located along the coastline of Lake Titicaca, the Amaru Doorway feels very alive. There are many tales surrounding this multidimensional portal – we will go and discover our own.
TUNUHUIRE: Here we find monoliths related to the Tiwanaku Culture, the forerunners of many of the Pre-Inca cultures. In this place, Jorge will lead us in a special meditation to connect with the energies of the Lake.



On the shores of Lake Umaya near Puno Peru are tombs built above ground in tower-like structures called chullpas. This is a place of the Aymara people who the Inca conquered in the 15th Century. Many tombs have been compromised by grave robbers while others are left unfinished. Worship of ancestors was an integral part of the Aymara culture and the chullpas stand as a reminder of the connection between life and death. 


Transfer to the airport in Juliaca for your connection to Lima. As you say good bye to this magical land you carry the vision and the magic with you.

JULIACA AIRPORT: Our last stop on the journey. If you have chosen this extension, your flight from Juliaca to Lima should be booked and included in your airline reservation. From Lima you will continue home. We have concluded this mystical journey, for now. I say “for now” because I have learned that the gifts and realizations of the journey continue long after we have arrived home. And then, there are those who will choose to return again–and again.


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