Jason B. Kendrick

Your Healthy Masculinity and Spirituality Coach

About Jason B. Kendrick

Excellent Radio Personality, Podcaster, & Coach in Denver

Jason B. Kendrick is the author of It’s Not Your Life, It’s You (books 1 & 2), available on Amazon in paperback and E-book format. He is a transformational speaker, personal development coach, and co-host of the Mad Men of Masculinity radio show and podcast on YouTube. He lives in the Denver, Colorado area and ...

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Who is Jason?

Jason is an Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, Podcaster, Reiki Master, intuitive healer and counselor, energy worker, life coach, teacher, and lecturer for the new age. He has been teaching and counseling others since adolescence and has just recently decided to expand to a bigger stage. Jason brings old ...

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Helping You Reach Your Goals

When self-help, meditation, and therapy are not working, you can rely on a professional coach like Jason to help you make the breakthrough that you need to accomplish your goals. There is no need to face your troubles alone. Whether it’s your mindset, career, relationship, or finances that you need help with, ...
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Caroline Goodwin Dickinson

I received a one-hour, in-person Reiki session from Jason and was blown away by the power of the energy flowing through him during the session. I had a very specific healing intention that he made sure to address and send energy to, which I truly appreciated. He spent time with me afterward, making sure I felt grounded and stable before leaving; which was not only thoughtful but important after such a powerful session. An additional bonus was that my sleep was very deep and peaceful the night following the session. If you’re at all interested in receiving Reiki, I highly recommended Jason!



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