Don't You Wish You or Your Partner Came with an Instruction Manual?

Aren't you tired of struggling to understand your life partner? Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate with them in a way that they understood you the first time? Wouldn't you like to have your own instruction manual to give to others so that they understood you better and more clearly?

This is what I do for Singles, Couples, Families and Businesses. I help you create your very own instruction manual for you, your partner, kids, clients, employees and more. 

Knowledge is power and knowledge of self and others is the path to mastery, happiness and fulfillment!

Jason B. Kendrick is a Communications and Transformation Specialist, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master, Heart Core Communications Trainer and Heart Centered Living Practitioner. He offers himself to the world in Love and Service to cultivate Peace, Love and Joy within all he works with. 

Jason grew up in an Army family moving from place to place and living overseas in Germany. After high school he joined the Air Force to follow in the family tradition of military service and was stationed in Germany working on F-16s.


Throughout his life Jason felt a bit out of place and a little like he didn't fit in here on Earth. At least that was until his first Metaphysical Fair where he was introduced to many people like himself and to his eventual life's calling.

Jason now travels the world teaching, speaking, healing and learning from all those he interacts with in his travels. You may not know what you will receive from working with him, but I can assure you your life will be changed for the better by doing so.


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