What you'll learn by attending:


How to Recognize Personality/Energy/Communication Types:


Are you a Controller, Analyzer, Promoter or Supporter personality type? Do you know which you are or which you're dealing with? Are you an Interogater, Aloof, Polly-Anna or Woe-is-me Energy type? You'll learn all these, how to identify each one and how to best adapt to each.


Four Ways of Effective Listening


There are many ways to listen to others, but many of the ways we normally use arent' very effective for clear understaninding and communication. There are Four Ways of Effective listening that we will discuss and explor so that you are able to use the most appropriate form of listening for the situation and to better facilitate communication.


Hierarchy of Values

How do you know if your HOV is in alignment with your spirit? How do you know if your HOV is in alignment with someone else’s values?


The simple answer is this: Most of us are operating under someone else’s HOV and in most cases a combination of lots of people’s differing HOV. Ie: Parents, teachers, friends, classmates, church dogma, etc.


Once you understand your own HOV, then you are better able to find out what other's HOV are and communicate accordingly to their personal set of values. 


Come join me in learning this valuale knowledge and skills that will propel you further in all areas of your life. Conscious Communication isn't just a good idea, it is a necessary new skill for us to move into the future as one. 


Being A Heart Centered Communicator   


What it means to be a Heart Centered Communicator and how to best utilize this in your everyday communications. As well as all the daily benefits of being Heart Centered for you, your family and anyone you interact with on a daily basis.

Heart Core Premium Coaching Package


6 Months of Coaching

With Jason B. Kendrick


A Journey to Finally Discovering Your Truest Self

Clearly Identify Your Unique Purpose

Reclaim the Life of Your Dreams



“Calling All Powerful Creators, You Know It Is Time to Shine Your Unique Light Onto the WORLD!”


An Exclusive Opportunity for Those Who are Ready to Rise Up To Their Highest Potential … NOW!





What You Get in

The Heart Core Premium Coaching Package:


The Heart Core Premium Coaching Package for 2018/2019 includes:


2(Two) In-Depth Monthly Coach Calls w/ Q&A with Jason

We will cover critical topics designed to uncover the limiting beliefs, negative self-image and negative self-talk that interfere with your embodying your truest self in all areas of life. These calls follow a three-step model designed to take you naturally from Mind to Heart to Experience. You will be guided to uncover what programs conscious and unconscious are running you. How to release old programs, re-program your conscious and unconscious mind and re-learn who your unique and powerful truest self is. You will be given exercises, meditations, books to read and homework to do during each call.  After the designated training topic, you will be able to ask ANY questions that you have specifically as it relates to YOUR life or dreams. We’ll SPECIFICALLY address the major challenges you are facing and how to move past them with clarity, ease and conviction. These calls will help you to stay accountable. These calls can be recorded and kept to be watched over and over again if you choose.

                                                                                                                                                                $3,000.00 VALUE

3 Hour Kick-Off Meeting

We will focus on your personal and professional vision and identify the actions most important to your short-term and long-term goals.

                                                                                                                                                                $1,000.00 VALUE


911 Call Option

1-2 Emergency calls a month to help you through crisis moments and to get you back on track mentally, physically and spiritually.

                                                                                                                                                                $600.00 VALUE


Email Access, Direct & Reasonable

You will have direct email access to Jason throughout your coaching to ask questions, discuss ideas and overcome obstacles as they arise.

                                                                                                                                                                $500.00 VALUE


3 Intensive Self-Discovery Sessions

These sessions will be held at the end of each coaching block (Every 2 Months or when ready). We will deep dive together to cover what you’ve discovered about you, what direction to best go in and decide on the best course of action to accomplish the next block.

                                                                                                                                                                $2,500.00 VALUE


Why The Heart Core Premium Coaching Package Works:

Create the Life of Your Dreams


You will Discover How to:


Discover Your Truest Self


Let go of all the Should-a’s, Could-a’s and Would-a’s getting in the way of your Dreams


Uncover your current Inner Self Image and Create the Inner Self Image of your Truest Self


Let-Go and Surrender all old programming that no longer serves you


Clarify your vision for your life and create more abundance


Gain Confidence to build your dreams and increase your self-worth


Identify exactly what you want to create in your life


Clearly Identify Your Unique Purpose


Identify your natural gifts, strengths and genius zone


Uncover lost dreams and desires


Use NLP, Meditation and Emotional Release Techniques to surrender old belief systems


Gain confidence and Clarity around you, your strengths and your unique purpose


Reclaim The Life of Your Dreams


Identify the Dreams you’ve lost, replaced or shelved


Understand why you let them go and reclaim your desire for them


Explore and understand why your dreams are yours and why you are the only one to achieve them


Energetically expand to allow your dreams to come to fruition


Be More Fully YOU so you can Love YOUR Dreams


Speak your truth clearly with conviction


Create a schedule to maximize your time so you are not wearing yourself out


Learn to delegate tasks that are not in your genius zone


Re-Enroll yourself and your loved ones into your dreams

The Heart Core Premium Coaching Program

Is for you if…

  • You know you were meant for more than this

  • You want to fulfill your purpose in life

  • You want to find the passion in your life again

  • You want more fulfillment in your life and you want a clear path to get there

  • You want more energy to reach your dreams

  • You want to receive and generate new ideas and ‘Play outside of the Box’

  • You are willing to stop self -sabotaging yourself and your dreams

  • You know deep down you are ready for a change that takes time, commitment and potentially an entirely new paradigm

  • You are ready and willing to “do the work” for your mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your life

  • You are extremely coach-able and will implement the practices provided

  • You’ve had a conversation with Jason and are accepted into the Heart Core Premium Coaching Program



The Heart Core Premium Coaching Program

Is not for you if…

  • You are not coach-able

  • You don’t listen well

  • You aren’t willing to make changes

  • You are not ready to let go of your stories and excuses

  • You aren’t ready to commit to becoming your truest self

  • You would rather stay where you are than grow

  • You are worried about what people will think about you

  • You are more concerned with staying comfortable than growing

  • You think you cannot change

  • You think that you are hopeless and have no chance








BONUS #1: One 10-Day, 9-Night Heart of The Maya Journey

This carefully designed 10-day, 9-night journey through Mexico and ancient Mayan ruins is an opportunity to unplug from your life and re-discover your heart in the heart of Mayaland. You will get the chance to experience the beauty of the Mayan Culture, Meditate at amazing ancient temple sites, receive a blessing from a Mayan Shaman and create lasting friendships along the way.

                                                                                                            $2,500.00 VALUE


BONUS #2: The Power of Perspective Bundle

Receive Jason’s first two books and his exclusive Power of Perspective Workshop Videos and Materials for free as a part of your coaching package.

                                                                                                            $500.00 VALUE


BONUS #3: One Month Free Coaching

Receive one additional month of coaching to help you re-integrate into the world and deal with any challenges that may arise as you begin your brand new life of your dreams.

                                                                                                            $750.00 VALUE



TOTAL VALUE: $11,350.00


Your Invitation & Opportunity: (Shockingly Less!!)



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